Apple is Testing New iPhone SE 3 & Unidentified Devices

Apple is testing a few devices before it launches those devices in it’s spring event. There are several devices expected to be announced in the spring event. Long rumored iPhone SE 3, New Mac Mini and iPad Air can be released in the event. Budget segment has become an interest for big brands like Samsung, Google and Apple. Budget flagship devices sell in tons and generate more revenue. Apple’s iPhone SE 2 2020 was a best example of them. It was very popular in its market segment.

Apple Imported New iPhone, iPad and Other Devices in India

Several trustable sources claimed that Apple imported 3 new iPhone SE models in India to test. Apple widely tests its devices before it launches. That’s why Apple imported the iPhone SE models many months in advance. The model names of the new iPhone SE 3 are A2595, A2783, and A2784. Sources claimed that the price of those devices starts around $300. There is a huge possibility that these devices are the new iPhone SE 3.

In addition to iPhones, Apple also imported iPads to test in India. The prices of those iPads are around $500 to $700. These iPads are most probably iPad Air. Recently demand for good quality tablets skyrocketed. People are working from home and many people need a simple device to perform day to day work. Many students are using iPads for online classes. The iPads have great software support and it’s really easy to use and there are tons of optimised apps in the Apple App store for iPads.

Apple is well aware of the issue, that’s why they are releasing tablets every year. Google also launched Android 12L for tablets. This is a hope for the Android tablets, otherwise Apple is still the market leader of tablet devices.

The recently improved tablets in India carry the model numbers A2588 and A2589. There are 2 other mysterious device models named A2757 and A2761. These devices could be a regular Apple iPad, or it could be a futuristic Apple VR headset. We don’t know. In a recent earnings call Apple CEO Tim Cook said that they are optimistic about metaverse and they are investing in the system. So VR headset is definitely in Apple’s mind.

Apple iPhone SE 3 2022 Release Date, Specs and Price

There is a strong probability that Apple will stick with the same design like the previous iPhone SE 2 (2020). There is an ongoing supply chain issue that is affecting the whole smartphone market. So iPhone SE 3 will take the component from iPhone 8 and update its internals. It will include the latest flagship Apple A13 chipset, but it might not feature 5G support. It will have 3GB RAM and 64GB / 128GB / 256GB storage option. Once again it will feature a single 12MP back camera.

Apple iPhone SE 3 2022 USA price could start from $399 for the 64GB storage variant. The price could go up to $549 for the 256GB storage variant.
The UK price of iPhone SE 3 may start from £389 for the 64GB storage variant.
The Canadian price could start from C$569. The iPhone SE 3 Australian price could start from A$679 for the 64GB storage model.
The price in France might start from €489 for the 64GB storage model.

Apple iPhone SE 3 release date could be April 15, 2022. Apple may unveil this device in an online event or they may silently announce the device. Apple might announce this device in their spring event also.

Let’s wait for the spring event and see what surprises Apple brings for us. Till then stay safe.

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