Interesting Case of Samsung’s “The Freestyle” Projector

Portability is a necessity in this day and age. Most of our products are portable, from smartphones to laptops. Pretty much every gadget you can name is portable. With that in mind, Samsung has launched an exciting product. “The Freestyle” portable projector, a cylindrical shaped device. This gadget has many functionalities, making it an excellent product but might become a must-have pretty soon.

The best thing other than its portability is the projector automatics adjusting ability. Even if you set the projector diagonally and the screen is not straight, the projector itself will adjust the projection, and you will get yourself a nice-looking screen up to 100”.

Project from your mobile or other device and enjoy your various streaming services such as Netflix, Disney +, Samsung TV, and Prime Video. You can access them easily with the remote controller delivered to the device.
The projector has a micro-HDMI, type C USB and switches for microphone. You will get a USB type C with the package.

You will also get a waterproof case to take the projector with you anywhere without any worries of damaging the device. Make the mood anywhere you go with this nifty little device pricing $899.99.

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