Latest Patent Hints Interesting Apple Car Feature

Apple Car has been one of the main buzzwords among the Apple fans. People and press both are interested in the idea of an Apple Car. Late founder of Apple, Steve Jobs also dreamt about making Apple branded cars, but at that time technology was not that much ready.
Apple always wants to be the pioneer of new technology, but in recent years that has been changed. This brand is facing serious competition and criticism for not adopting new technology or adopting the tech in very late.
Recent rise of Tesla has shown Apple that there is a huge demand for high tech electric vehicles. Tesla is smashing the electric vehicle market everywhere. Global automobile market is a multi trillion dollar industry, if Tesla is able to maintain its performance then Apple might lose its title as the king of American technology. Tesla is already a one trillion dollar company, its market cap is rising exponentially. Apple also wants a bite in the market share.

Apple Car Beginning

Apple has been working on the Apple car for many years, but its product has yet not succeeded. The Apple Car project is called Project Titan.
We haven’t seen any prototype or anything of the car. Apple hired many people from the automotive industry, it’s a clear indication that Apple is trying. None of Apple executives publicly stated about the Apple car, but many times we get news that Apple is in negotiations with traditional automakers about manufacturing the car. Apple’s top executives refused to comment on the future vehicles.

Latest Apple Patent Confirms Apple Car

In recent years Apple has applied for many car related patents, but you can argue that Apple might use the technology in consumer devices. But this time Apple patented a sunroof technology. You can’t use a sunroof in an iPhone, iMac, iPad, MacBook etc. So it’s indeed a patent for a car.

Apple Car Sunroof Patent
Apple Car Sunroof Patent

What’s the Technology in Apple’s Sunroof?

It might be a transparent sunroof, which can regulate the amount of light and heat in the car. In page no 10 of the patent it reads “in order to admit additional light and air into the interior, some fixed-roof automobiles include a movable panel known as a sunroof”.

So we can confirm that Apple is indeed working on the Apple car. In the future we might see many more patents.

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