Top 10 Best Settings for Mobile Astrophotography

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Mobile Astrophotography is a cool way to explore all features of your mobile phone’s camera feature. You might think that your phone doesn’t have a dedicated Astrophotography mode, but it’s not a problem.
In this article I’ll show you how you can capture amazing Astrophotography without using any dedicated software. If your phone has dedicated Astrophotography mode, then it’s a plus point.
So let’s get started.

How To Properly Use Dedicated Astrophotography Mode In Your Mobile Phone?

If your mobile phone has dedicated Astrophotography mode then it’s a really good feature. You can capture amazing photos with that dedicated mode, but often our Astrophotography don’t look amazing in real life. There are several reasons behind it. You have to set or choose a great environment for Astrophotography.

Proper Environment for Mobile Astrophotography

Astrophotography needs much more precision than other photos. Our mobile phones often suffer from complexity in capturing good low light or night photos. Even the latest and greatest Apple iPhones and Android flagship phones all feature the same problem.


If we shake our phone during capturing night time photos, it often comes out to be blurred. Because phones usually try to capture as much light as they can. So they take much more time to capture a night photo. If you shake your hand in the night, then it’ll become blurry, because the phone was capturing light at that time.
I hope now you know the first preset for capturing good Astrophotography. That is, the phone must be stable.
You should use a tripod or any other thing to make your phone stable.
Mobile astrophotography often takes 8 to 20 minutes to capture a single photo. The higher the exposure time the more immersive the photo becomes. So don’t expect your hand will be stable for a long time. Even the tiniest shake can make your photo blurry.

Light Pollution

Light pollution can make your photo fade. That’s why you need a place where external light is not present. At least choose a place where the effect of light is not that much.

Right Position

Look at the sky with your eyes. Select the spot where more stars are visible. This will be the best place for your photo. If your phone has a dedicated astrophotography mode, then set your phone properly with a tripod. Start shooting. It’ll take a long time to capture 1 photo. Wait passionately. Then enjoy the result.

Pro Mode / Advanced Mode for Mobile Astrophotography

If your phone doesn’t have dedicated astrophotography mode or you want full manual control over your photo, then go to the “Pro Mode” in your mobile phone’s camera app.

ISO for Astrophotography

Set the ISO as high as possible. The more the ISO, the better the result will be.

White Balance

You can set it as auto. It doesn’t have that much effect on the photo.

Capture Time

Capture time should be as high as possible. The more the time, the more light will be captured by the phone and more stars will be visible.

Lens for Mobile Astrophotography

If your mobile phone’s pro mode allows multiple lenses. Then choose the primary camera of the phone. Generally it’s well optimised for pro mode and it captures the best photos.

This are the best settings for mobile astrophotography. I hope you found this article useful.

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